マイク・オルドリッジ(Mike Auldridge)SetListメモ 2002-06-15

マイク・オルドリッジ(Mike Auldridge)のトリオに、

フィドルにVassar Clementsがゲストのセットです。


The Mike Auldridge, Richard Bennett and Jimmy Gaudreau Band 

with very special guest Vassar Clements 

1st Annual Mayville Bluegrass Festival  Lakeside Park  Mayville, NY 


One Set: 

01. intro/tuning 

02. We Live in Two Different Worlds (H. Williams) 

03. Hold Whatcha Got (J. Martin) 

04. Honey You Don't Know My Mind (Skinner) 

05. Dixie Hoedown (Traditional/instrumental) 

06. The Wayfaring Stranger (Traditional) 

07. Silence Your Tears* (Auldridge) 

08. House of the Rising Sun - Walk, Don't Run 

09. Song For A Winter's Night (Lightfoot) 

10. Nine Pound Hammer (Monroe) 

11. Ginseng Sullivan (N. Blake) 

12. Sunny Side Of The Mountain (J. Martin) 

13. instrumental (Clements) 

14. Some Old Day (Flatt/Scruggs) 

15. Pick Away (instrumental/Auldridge) 

16. Little Sadie (Traditional) 

17. Summer Wages (Tyson) 

18. Gonna Settle Down (Flatt/Scruggs) 

19. This Old Town (Auldridge) 

20. EMD

21. This Morning at Nine (S. Campbell) 

22. Lonesome Fiddle Blues (Clements) 

23. encore break/announcements 

24. John Hardy Was A Desperate Little Man (A. Carter)