Railroad Earth with Peter Rowan 2013-11-30

Youtubeにあがっていたので”シリーズみたいですが、メインはレイルロード・アース(Railroad Earth)ですが、Set 1はゲストのピーター・ローワン(Peter Rowan)メインで彼らがバックバンドみたいです。このセット、”Old & In The Way”Album LiveとかSetって言われてます。

Railroad Earth
Sherman Theater
Stroudsburg, PA

Set 1:

01 Pig in a Pen (A)

02 Midnight Moonlight (A)

03 Old and in the Way (A)

04 Knockin' on Your Door (A)
05 The Hobo Song (A)

06 Panama Red (A)

07 Wild Horses (A)

08 Kissimmee Kid (A)
09 White Dove (A)
10 Land of the Navajo (A) (B)

Set 2:

01 Bringin' My Baby Back Home
02 Old Dangerfield
03 Carrying Coal to Newcastle -->
04 Mighty River
05 Fisherman's Blues
06 Seven Story Mountain -->
07 Chasin' a Rainbow ( C)
08 The Cuckoo (A)
09 Cold Rain and Snow (A) (B)
10 Walls of Time (A) (B)
11 One More Night on the Road (D)


12 Railroad Earth

NOTE: In the first set, Railroad Earth
and Peter Rowan recreated the "Old
and in the Way" album

(A) with Peter Rowan on acoustic guitar
and vocals

(B) with Yungchen Lhamo on vocals

( C) First time played, words and music
by Todd Sheaffer

(D) First time played, words and music
by Todd Sheaffer