Tony Rice, Auldridge, Bennett, & Gaudreau


ここでは、”Auldridge, Bennett, & Gaudreau”ですが、97年と99年では3人は”Chesapeake”名義で、2000年から上名前の表記になっています。



the State Theater in Falls Church, VA on 1/19/2001. The evening's lineup consisted of Tony Rice, Mike Auldridge, Richard Bennett, Jimmy Gaudreau, Dean Osborne, Pete Soukas, & Moondi Klein. FYI, the video doesn't begin until approximately 2 minutes in. That space is taken up with credits. Enjoy the performance.

Set 1

00:00 Blue Lonesome Wind
03:33 Silence of Tears
06:38 Southern Son
11:58 Welcome to New York
17:19 Ginseng Sullivan
21:04 Summer Wages
26:21 A Few of My Favorite Things
33:09 Hold What You've Got
36:30 Wayfaring Stranger
42:28 Two Different Worlds
47:35 House of the Rising Sun

Set 2
58:18 Are You Missing Me?
1:05:37 Kentucky Walse
1:09:40 You Don't Know My Mind Today
1:15:20 Song for a Winter's Night
1:19:15 Nine Pound Hammer
1:27:30 Georgia on My Mind (Tony Rice & Moondi Klein)
1:33:06 Little Sade
1:36:50 Shenandoah (Tony Rice Solo)
1:48:55 My Aching Heart
1:52:10 Old Train
1:56:35 John Hardy