Jim Lauderdale Band Merlefest

Jim Lauderdale、Wikiだと”ジム・ラウダーデール”と表記されてますが、ロウダーデール


I'm a Song

I'm a Song





Jim Lauderdale Band
Watson Stage Merlefest
North Wilkesboro NC

Gary Morse - pedal steel
Scott Trayer -bass
John McTeague - drums
Craig Smith - guitar

0 Hillside stage intro
1 intro
2 Life By Numbers
3 What's On My Mind
4 If I Were You
5 You Don't Seem To Miss Me
6 talk
7 Please Pardon Me
8 talk
9 Seems Like You're Going To Take Me Back
10 talk
11 Let's Have a Good Thing Together
12 I'm a Song
13 Neon Hearts
14 talk
15 The King Of Broken Hearts
16 talk, band intros
17 I Lost My Job Of Loving You
18 talk
19 Hole In My Head
20 talk
21 Halfway Down
22 outro