Rice, Rice, Hillman & Pederson 1997-09-17



80年代Sugar Hillからの2枚のソロの後、 

Morning Sky

Morning Sky

Desert Rose

Desert Rose


ペダーソンとThe Desert Rose Bandを87年から93年まで5枚のアルバムをだしました。因みにShgarhillの2枚にもちゃんとペダーソンは入っています。

そしてLike A Hurricaneの後に、Rice, Rice, Hillman & Pedersonが続きます。


Rice, Rice, Hillman & Pederson
Denver Botanical Gardens
Denver, Colorado

01 intro and tuneup
02 There Will Be A Better Day
03 What You Help Me
04 And So Begins A Task
05 Love and Wealth
06 Street Corner Stranger
07 Story Of Love
08 Bill Chetham
09 The Dimming Of The Day
10 Good Bye Old Pal
11 Good Woman's Love
12 Foggy Mountain Rock
13 Do Right Woman
14 Tear Drops In My Eyes
15 Angles Cry
16 Me & You
17 My Second Wind
18 Earl's Breakdown
19 No One Else
20 Somewhere On Road Tonight
21 I Didn't Know
22 applause
23 The Old Cross Roads
24 I'm Just A Used To Be To You

Playing in the Band:
Tony Rice - guitar
Larry Rice - mandolin,vocals
Chris Hillman - guitar,vocals
Herb Pederson - banjo
Sally VanMeter - dobro
Ron Simpkins - bass

Total Time: 82:48.46