ジャムグラスと言えば Infamous Stringdusters

 写真からも分かるように、アンディ・ホールのResoはBeardのcustom E modelだそうです。そのデモがあったので。

本日セット・リストは2月19日のWonder Ballroomから。

Infamous Stringdusters
Wonder Ballroom
Portland OR

Set 1
s1t01 Crowd + welcome
s1t02 Hobo Song >
s1t03 Cluck Old Hen
s1t04 My Destination
s2t05 Get On With It
s1t06 One More Bridge
s1t07 I’ll Get Away
s1t08 Sunny Side Of The Mountain
s1t09 Heady Festy >
s1t10 In God’s Country
s1t11 Old Whiskey Bottle *
s1t12 Old Joe Clark *#

* = With Celia Wood Smith of Della Mae
# = with Courtney Hartman Kimber Ludiker and Jenni Lyn Gardner of Della Mae

Set 2
s2t01 Crowd + welcome back
s2t02 Colorado
s2t03 Head Over Heels >
s2t04 Machines
s2t05 Ladders In The Sky ^
s2t06 Cash On The Barrelhead ^
s2t07 I believe ^
s2t08 Run To Heaven ^
s2t09 The Hitchhiker +
s2t10 Places I’ve been
s2t11 Fire
s2t12 Travelin’ Teardrop Blues >
s2t13 After Midnight >
s2t14 Travelin’ Teardrop Blues
s2t15 Angeline The Baker >
s2t16 Jackstraw
s2t17 Getting Down The Road
s2t18 Pre Encore crowd and babble
s2t19 Cripple Creek

^ with Nikki Bluhm
+ with Shakedown Street tease