レイルロード・アース 2016-10-23

Railroad Earth El Dorado Stage Hangtown Music Festival 2016-10-23


先月のセット・リストから、レイルロード・アースがホスト・バンドのHangtown Music Festivalです。

Railroad Earth
23 October 2016, Sunday
Hangtown Music Festival, El Dorado Stage
Placerville, CA

1. Intro
2. Saddle of the Sun
3. Seven Story Mountain
4. Dance Around Molly >
5. Dandelion Wine
6. Chasin' a Rainbow
7. Mighty River
8. When the Sun Gets in Your Blood
9. Elko
10. Birds of America
11. Like A Buddha
12. Long Way To Go #
13. Outro

# w/ Chris Pandolfi & Andy Falco
Todd Sheaffer - Lead vocals, Acoustic guitars
Tim Carbone - Violins, Electric Guitar, Vocals
John Skehan - Mandolin, Bouzouki, Piano, Vocals
Andy Goessling - Acoustic guitars, Banjo, Dobro, Mandolin, Lap Steel, Flute, Pennywhistle, Saxophones and Vocals
Carey Harmon - Drums, Hand Percussion, Vocals
Andrew Altman - Upright and Electric bass