サラ・ワトキンス(Sara Watkins)2009

本日も”サラ・サラ・イーファ”のメンバーから”サラ・ワトキンス”(Sara Watkins)です。


彼女たちの今年のフェス出演は、7月に”Red Wing Roots Fest”と”RockyGrass”、そして9月の”Fresh Grass Festival”が終わったら、日本での”Live Magic”の様ですね。

Sara Watkins
May 8, 2009
Abbey Pub
Chicago, IL

01 Intro
02 Early Morning Rain (Gordon Lightfoot)
03 Lord Won't You Help Me
04 Too Much
05 Any Old Time
06 I Made a Record [banter]
07 Same Mistakes
08 Feelin' Good Again (Robert Earl Keen)
09 A Britney Spears Ukulele [banter]
10 Different Drum (Linda Ronstadt)
11 My Brother [banter]
12 My Friend
13 Fiddle Tune Time [banter]
14 Jefferson
15 All This Time
16 Trouble (Written by Jon Brion, on the Mutual Admiration Society album)
17 Pimpin' Time/Coldest Day in Chicago [banter]
18 Somebody More Like You

01 I suck at Whistling [banter]
02 Anthony
03 It's You! ...It's me. [banter]
04 Pony
05 Two Crazy Dogs [banter]
06 Bella and Ivan
07 The More You Ignore Me (Morissey)
08 Hold What Ya Got
09 It Would Be Lousy if You Were Here But Lame [banter]
10 Long Hot Summer Days

11 (Encore Break)

12 No Surprises (Radiohead)
13 Tap Out a Few Covers [banter]
14 Hop High My Lulu Gal
15 One More [banter]
16 Where Will You Be