Jerry Douglas Presents Earls of Leicester 2016


今年に入ってからの動画が全然上がっていないアールズ・オブ・レスターですが、音源はOld Settlers Music FestivalとDelFestの2つがアップされました。ただし、両方共Archives.orgではないので、残念ながらストリーミングはありません。

Old Settlers Music Festivalは何枚か画像がアップされているのでそれをお楽しみください。

また、DelFestではRonnie McCouryとDel McCouryが1曲づつ参加しています。




Jerry Douglas presents The Earls of Leicester
Old Settlers Festival
Hill Country Stage
Saturday April 16th, 2016

Banjo and vocals- Charlie Cushman
Mandolin and vocals - Jeff White
Bass - Barry Bales
Guitar and Vocals - Shawn Camp
Dobros and vocals - Jerry "Uncle Flux" Douglas
Fiddle and vocals - Johnny Warren

01 Instrumental
02 Will You Be Lonesome Too
03 Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
04 Dim Lights Thick Smoke
05 Earl's Breakdown
06 I Don't Care
07 Big Black Train
08 Intros
09 Black Eyed Susie
10 Pray For The Boys
11 Let The Church Roll On
12 Steel Guitar Blues
13 My Little Girl In Tennessee
14 The Train That carried My Girl From Town
15 Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow
16 I'll Go Stepping Too
17 Durham's Bull
18 Whats Good For You
19 I'm Workin' On a Road
20 who Will Sing For Me?
21 Salty Dog Blues
22 Martha White Theme
23 Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
24 Foggy Mountain Breakdown


Jerry Douglas and the Earls of Leicester
Grandstand Stage
Allegheny County Fairgrounds
Cumberland, Maryland
May 27, 2016 – Friday

1. Joe Craven Intro
2. Shuckin The Corn
3. I Know What It's Like To Be Lonesome
4. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
5. Dim Lights And Thick Smoke
6. Earl’s Breakdown
7. I Don't Care
8. Big Black Train
9. Black Eyed Susie
10. Let The Church Roll On
11. Instrumental

12. My Little Girl In Tennessee @
13. Train From That Carried The Girl From Town
14. I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow #
15. Down The Road (Peary Blue)
16. I'll Go Steppin' Too
17. Instrumental
18. What's Good For You
19. I'm Working On A Road
20. Salty Dog Blues
21. Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms

@ with Ronnie McCoury
# with Del McCoury