ドナ・ザ・バッファロー Hickory Fest 2016

Donna the Buffalo Live at 14th Annual Hickory Fest




私としては、ピーター・ローワンとの共演やジム・ローダーデール(Jim Lauderdale)とのマール・フェスなどの音源が馴染みです。


Donna the Buffalo
14th Annual Hickory Fest
Sue Cunningham Memorial Festival
Stony Fork Creek Campground
Wellsboro PA

d1t01 -intro by Stephen and Frank-
d1t02 Funky Side
d1t03 -tuning-
d1t04 Temporary Misery
d1t05 Embrace The Pain
d1t06 Silverlined
d1t07 Forty Days And Forty Nights
d1t08 I Just Don't Want To Be Lonely
d1t09 Welcome To A Dream Come True
d1t10 Look Before You Cross My Heart #
d1t11 Heaven And The Earth
d1t12 -Verlon Thompson stage call-
d1t13 She Belongs To Me &
d1t14 Bad Angel &
d1t15 -tuning-

d2t01 I Believe
d2t02 -song dedication-
d2t03 Do You Believe In Magic
d2t04 -Mollie Farr stage call-
d2t05 Crash And Burn %
d2t06 -banter-
d2t07 Greatest Love
d2t08 I Love My Tribe
d2t09 Conscious Evolution
d2t10 -thanks-
d2t11 No Place Like The Right Time
d2t12 Everyday
d2t13 -encore crowd-


d2t14 There Must Be
d2t15 -outtro-

# - first time herd....guess at the title, debut maybe?
& - with Verlon Thompson - vocals, guitar, harmonica
% - with Mollie Farr - harmony vocals