ジム・ローダーデール(Jim Lauderdale)デッドのファンの方にも好きな方が多いんじゃないかと思う人ですが、ブルーグラスのフェスでも常連さんですね。

Shakori Hills Grassroots Festivalのストリーミングがあるのでそのセット・リストです。


 このセット、Donna The Buffaloとの共演です。

Jim Lauderdale With Donna The Buffalo
Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance
Silk Hope, NC
2015-04-18 Saturday

d1t01 -intro and Jim-
d1t02 Life By Numbers
d1t03 Wait 'Till Spring
d1t04 Turn To Stone
d1t05 -banter and song intro-
d1t06 The World Is Getting Mean
d1t07 The Race Is On
d1t08 -tuning-
d1t09 Patchwork River
d1t10 Whoa Whoa Whoa
d1t11 -Shak attack-
d1t12 You Don't Seem To Miss Me
d1t13 -tuning-
d1t14 Ginger Peach
d1t15 -crowd-
d1t16 Except For That One Time
d1t17 That's Not The Way It Works
d1t18 -song request-
d1t19 Slow Motion Trouble
d1t20 Half Way Down

Jim Lauderdale - Vocals and Guitar
Jeb Puryear - Guitar & Vocals
Tara Nevins - Accordion, Fiddle, Guitar, Scrubboard, Tambourine & Vocals
Dave McCracken - Keyboards
Kyle Spark - Bass, Backing Vocals
Mark Raudabaugh - Drums